Springfield Farm Sees Big Benefits with 菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 EcoCYCLE and Centrifuge


Springfield Farm Ltd is a family-owned sand and gravel quarrying operation located in Beaconsfield, 联合王国, 自1984年以来. They produce a range of graded sand and ballast. They dig the gravel in its raw state, 洗净并分离, then sell it as one of four core products: 20 mm gravel, 10毫米砾石, 尖沙和软沙. The materials are used locally within the construction industry and distributed to builders merchants and concrete plants. 


Springfield Farm is a dry site, so they don’t have an abundance of water. 多年来, their silt lagoons had reached the end of their lives and were becoming expensive to maintain.

“We were spending more and more time digging them out, 处理松散淤泥, causing immense costs and wear and tear on equipment and just the general drain on resources,” explained Quarry Manager Martin Phillips. “This slowed down production immensely because we were pulling machinery off production to just deal with our waste product. It was becoming very time consuming and very expensive.”

Not only were the silt ponds a major economic expense, but they also posed health and safety concerns as well. Because of all this, Springfield Farm began to look for an alternative way of processing their silt.


Springfield Farm started researching solutions online and were met with many options for processing their silt.

菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 were the first people to respond to us,菲利普斯说. “They were very quick to react, came out to us. We discussed the problem, and they went away and looked for us.”

菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 supplied Springfield with its EcoCYCLE Modular Thickener for separating the solids from the liquid in the waste stream to reduce the amount of solids reporting to the silt ponds. The Thickener also recovers clear process water for reuse in the wash plant.

To further process the thickened silt from the EcoCYCLE, 菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 provided a Centrifuge to provide additional liquid-solid separation. The Centrifuge removes water that can be reused in the wash plant and discharges the waste silt as a stackable solid.

“做一个小公司, 家庭经营的网站, we’re always looking at ways to innovate and improve our working methods,丹·里奇蒙-沃森解释道, the Managing Director of Springfield Farm. “We are incredibly proud to be one of the first in the U.K. 使用这种技术.”

“We like to think of ourselves as an innovative company, and the new EcoCYCLE is a reflection of that,菲利普斯补充道. “The quality of the product is what stood out against everyone else. 做得很好. 它会持续下去的.

“我们喜欢这个菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全. We liked the company we were dealing with. They were very quick to sort it out and come up with some good solutions. 整个包裹都很好.”


With the 菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 EcoCYCLE Modular Thickener and Centrifuge, Springfield Farm has been able to process the silt into a material that can be easily handled and transferred to its final destination.

“The 菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 equipment is ideal because it produces what I would term a finished product that we don’t need to handle twice, and we can satisfactorily take that out into its final resting place in the quarry as part of the restoration process,”里奇蒙-华生说.

“The EcoCYCLE is superior to the old process because we handle the material once, 它被处理了,菲利普斯说. “As we produce it, it's taken away. We don’t have to handle anything again.”

Phillips said the 菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 plant has allowed Springfield Farm to eliminate the troublesome silt ponds from their site.

“我们正在清除淤泥池塘. Ultimately, they’ll be dug out in the next year or two when they’ve dried solidly. We’ve shut down our silt pond,” Phillips shared.

Eliminating the ponds from the site also eliminates the risks associated with those ponds.

“Being a waste product over being a semi-liquid means we take a full load down to the site,菲利普斯解释道. “It’s easier to handle at the other end. It’s not creating a lagoon; it’s creating a stockpile. Nobody’s going to fall in and drown in it; you might get muddy boots. 再一次,我们降低了风险.”

Because the 菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 EcoCYCLE and Centrifuge are creating a drier, 更易管理的菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全, Springfield Farm has reduced their silt handling costs.

“It’s cutting our operating costs dramatically,菲利普斯说.

Richmond-Watson added: “The system that 菠菜网最稳定正规平台_最全菠菜网大全 have produced will start paying for itself immediately.”


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